#BUMPSTYLEAPPROVED Viva Las Vegas – Launching You! Lingerie at the ABC Kids Expo

#BUMPSTYLEAPPROVED Viva Las Vegas – Launching You! Lingerie at the ABC Kids Expo

After a considerable hiatus from writing blog entries, it's time to share the exhilarating journey leading up to our launch at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas on 10/10/10. The anticipation and excitement have been nothing short of incredible. In the midst of the final months of preparation, countless hours were devoted to ensuring everything was meticulously organized for the grand unveiling.

The eve of departure for Vegas was a whirlwind of activity. An all-nighter ensued as my husband, sister, and I worked tirelessly to ensure every detail was perfected. Amid the chaos, exhaustion was overridden by sheer excitement. Bid farewell to my daughter and husband, and the airport beckoned. The flight, which should have been a 5-hour respite, became yet another opportunity to fret over the details. Would the show displays and mannequins arrive intact? Could we rely on the UPS delivery for our samples and packaging? Did the fashion show models have the correct sizes? Will buyers appreciate our products? A million questions fueled my restless flight to Vegas.

The whirlwind continued from landing in Vegas to the return flight to Atlanta. Although a whirlwind, it was an incredibly positive one - the reality of the success was surreal. The response at the show was overwhelmingly positive, not just from buyers but also from fellow exhibitors. Securing retail distribution in over 15 stores across the US and Europe was an incredible honor.


You! Lingerie Booth at ABC Kids Expo 2010

Our Spectacular Booth at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas

You! Lingerie Products on Pregnant Mannequins

Our Captivating Maternity Bras and Underwear Showcased on Mannequins

ABC Kids Expo Model wearing Purple Nursing Bra and Panty Set

You! Lingerie Fashion Show - Model Stunning Azalea Orchid

One of the most significant highlights was our first wholesale purchase. Erin & Michael Pelias, the esteemed owners of Zuka Baby in New Orleans, made history as the first purchasers of You! Lingerie. What an achievement! Below is a snapshot of our meeting:

Uyo Okebie-Eichelberger at ABC Kids 2010

You! Lingerie's FIRST Retailer, Zuka Baby in New Orleans...Cheers to That!

Pregnant Model Wearing Maternity Bra in Show Booth

You! Lingerie Model, Alyssa, Radiates Confidence in Ella Rose!

A heartfelt thank you to all who played pivotal roles in preparing and achieving success at the show. My sincere appreciation goes to my husband for his unwavering support, my sister Ekibo, and friends Jenise & Laura for being exemplary You! Lingerie representatives. Your contributions have been immeasurable. Kudos to our model Alyssa for embodying the spirit of pregnant mamas. Lastly, a special shoutout to fellow exhibitors turned friends for the camaraderie during the show. Until next time, lots of love!


Warm regards,

Uyo Okebie-Eichelberger

Founder & Designer, You! Lingerie

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