What They Don’t Tell You About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Facts

With just the mention of the word “breastfeeding”, women will flock around you to share their own thoughts, insights, experiences. But, as you begin your journey, you’ll realize that there are still various things nobody told you about nursing.


A mother breastfeeding her baby while wearing You! Lingerie Lark Maternity and Nursing Bra


1. It can be painful.

 Experts often say that it’s not supposed to hurt, especially if you have already mastered the art of latching. Breastfeeding really hurts especially in the beginning. I mean, your nipples are being sucked on for hours so of course it hurts. Your nipples may feel irritated and may even bleed sometimes. Even breast pumps can cause pain if used incorrectly, so you have to be careful about the speed and settings. And also, boobache is a thing. If your breasts are not emptied often, they will swell and hurt.


 2. It can be messy.

When your milk comes in, you can’t really control it so your breasts may leak (sometimes a lot), so it can be a mess! You, your precious one, the bed, the couch - expect them to be covered with breast milk, so make sure you always have your burp clothes within your reach. Always!


3. It is exhausting – physically and emotionally.

Breastfeeding is not only physically tiring and draining but can also make you feel the emotional and psychological toll. That’s why, it is very important to ask for help when you need it, and take it when it is offered. Don’t grin and try to bear it alone as it will only wear you out in the long run. Help is everywhere -  it can be from your public health nurse, a breastfeeding support group, friends and family who have been through that journey.


4. It will affect your online shopping.

There won’t be a point now when you’ll shop for clothes without pondering about boob access. Even during the times when you are dreading nursing, this thought will still cross your mind. This is normal, and this will potentially last for years. So, all you have to do is embrace that fact and just make breastfeeding even more beautiful by treating yourself with a sexy nursing bra. It is worth it, and you deserve it.


5. You’ll wish that your husband has his own set of (breastfeeding) boobs.

You will question biology and human anatomy because you’ll feel jealous that your partner doesn’t have boobs, especially when he goes home after a night out with friends.


6.    It may not work out for you, and that’s okay.

People tend to judge each other for choices we know nothing about. Do what you can and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about how you choose to feed your child. Breastfeeding isn’t for everybody and that is totally okay. There is already so many scary things about motherhood and a lot more things that make you feel helpless. Don’t let your baby’s nutrition be one of them.

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