Best Maternity Leggings for Plus size


The ongoing body positivity campaigns really propelled plus-size fashion more into the mainstream—although it still has a long way to go in catering to the diverse size range, especially in the maternity section.
A plus-size and pregnant woman faces stigmas from every side – from the medical “risks” and misconceptions to the societal pressures. There are already different struggles and so, trying to find plus-size fashionable and fun maternity clothes should not be one of them.

Everyone would agree that regardless of size, all pregnant women want to look and feel their best. All mamas want some stylish choices to go with their pregnancy glow, but finding the perfect maternity clothing when you’re plus size and pregnant can be harder than getting up from the couch in the 3rd trimester. Well, WE HEARD YOU, MAMAS!

As we strive to better cater to a broader array of mamas and part of our initiative to be more inclusive for everybody and every body, to provide support and visibility to plus-size pregnant mothers, Preggo Leggings now offers extended sizing –up to 3XL on our bestselling products. These plus-size maternity leggings are now available!


The Biker- Inspired Moto Maternity Leggings

(Black Out Moto, Green With Envy Moto and Billie Jean Moto)

These are fantastic capsule pieces for your plus size maternity wardrobe as they make you look like a badass preggo babe in an instant. It’s super comfy, super cute, extra edgy, too! You can easily dress up or down with a tee or your favorite top.


Plus Size Pregnancy
Plus Size Maternity Outfit


“It can be really hard to find affordable, quality plus-size clothing and when it comes to maternity, it is just even harder. I am absolutely loving the fit and quality of these Black Out Moto Preggo Leggings. They are so soft, so stretchy and have an amazing top belly panel. I was blown away. I could not be happier wearing them this far along.” – mama blogger Alyssa Toddammon.

Best Maternity Leggings for Plus sizeBillie Jean Plus size Maternity Leggings
"I am truly blown away by the fit and quality of these Billie Jean Plus-Size Maternity Leggings! Seriously though, feeling warm, cozy & confident dressed in these Preggo Leggings sent from the heavens! My only regret was not trying them on sooner, a few days ago, as I’ve been missing out. Seriously LOVED them!" - influencer mama Jenn Vercammen


The Best-Selling Rockstar Mamacita Faux Leather Maternity Leggings

Remember, when you look good, you feel good! Add extra spice to your maternity wardrobe with this absolute must-have that takes you into some serious preggo bombshell territory. It's fashionable, fun, flirty, and even form-fitting during your pregnancy! 

Rockstar Leather Maternity LeggingsFASHIONABLE MATERNITY LEGGINGS

"These Rockstar Mamacita Moto Maternity Leggings are AWESOME, I get to feel sexy and classy. I love that they feel like leather and you can dress them up or down! I’m always down for clothing that allows me to look and feel my best as my body changes. I received many compliments on them from people young and old so you can truly say they are a head-turner. Their sizes now go up to a 3XL!!!" - vlogger mama and motivational speaker Natalie Heatley

True style has no size, so whether you're a size 4 or a size 34, be yourself, be brave, and be stylish! A wise woman once said: 'When life throws you curves, embrace them!'. Always keep in mind that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. 💋

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