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You! Lingerie Journey

You! Lingerie Journey



You! Lingerie has achieved remarkable strides in a remarkably short span, and it's exhilarating to witness this journey unfold! Our voyage commenced at the close of last year, sparked by dialogues with mothers nationwide – seeking to understand their firsthand experiences with maternity lingerie and nursing bras. Did they share the same struggle as I did? Was it a challenge to find appealing nursing and maternity bras that didn't drain the bank account? And most importantly, could these bras be functional, alluring, splendid, and—above all—affordable? After all, who dictated that the realm of fashionable lingerie should elude us during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Within a few fleeting weeks, we're on the brink of introducing the inaugural collection of You! Lingerie. Permit me to provide you a glimpse into my journey as a mompreneur.

Developing a comprehensive business plan was my first stride. My time spent in business school and brand management offered invaluable insights while crafting the plan. Yet, I caught myself incessantly refining and revising, aiming for an impeccable plan—though deep down, I understood perfection was elusive. I eventually grasped that the initial step among thousands was to be taken.

So I took it! This entailed extending my days and dedicating nights once my little one was nestled in slumber. It meant maintaining equilibrium as a devoted wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, and entrepreneur. Was striking this balance plausible? Regardless, enthusiasm coursed through me!

My aspiration was to establish a brand tailored by a mother with fellow mothers in mind—a brand that rejoices in the wondrous transformations within our bodies. Following brainstorming sessions with family and friends, the brand name and logo were born, epitomizing our essence—YOU! Lingerie. A name that celebrates all you mothers who, akin to me, yearned to feel confident, alluring, and perpetually stylish despite the "mommy" moniker. After all, we retain our roles as wives, girlfriends, sisters, businesswomen, and more.

Progressing, we conceptualized seven styles for our maiden collection—radiant, playful hues that don't compromise quality, functionality, support, or comfort. This phase resonated with excitement, commencing with a blank sketch pad and limitless horizons. Luxurious fabrics, exquisite laces, an array of colors, diverse styles—all amalgamating into a collection of meticulously crafted nursing and maternity lingerie for mothers, delivered at an affordable price point. Essentially, an affordable luxury.

Following interviews with several suppliers, we encountered a manufacturer that materialized our designs as envisioned. Like everyone else, we navigated peaks and valleys while collaborating. Iterations ensued to perfect the design samples, ensuring moms would ardently embrace them. Today, we stand at the precipice of production for our Signature YOU collection.

Our debut photo shoot proved a triumph, courtesy of an immensely talented team—a brilliant photographer, a stunning model from Expecting Models (http://www.expectingmodels.com), adept stylists, an exceptional Hair and Makeup crew, my remarkable sister ensuring seamless coordination, and the best husband on Earth, attending to our 1½-year-old daughter while we worked. Refer to the prior post for behind-the-scenes glimpses. Simultaneously, we collaborate with a web designer to unveil the official You! Lingerie website and online store in the forthcoming weeks. This journey has been incredibly exhilarating thus far, and I eagerly anticipate the continued adventure—truly, it's a blessing!

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