Why Jumpsuits Are One of The Most Comfortable Go-To Maternity Look

Why Jumpsuits Are One of The Most Comfortable Go-To Maternity Look

Looking good and feeling comfortable are two principles that even non-pregnant people follow when choosing an outfit — but getting dressed while expecting presents a set of distressing challenges, and both of those goals can be tough to achieve.

“Looking good” when not pregnant often involves form-fitting clothes that accentuate your best assets. During pregnancy, however, anything remotely form-fitting might place undue pressure on the belly button area. And a baggy outfit, although comfortable, might impede your desire to, well, look good.

Wearing a skirt is almost always out of the question. In the summer, it leads to your thighs rubbing together and feeling irritated and itchy. In the winter, putting on a skirt requires wearing stockings — one of the most uncomfortable items of clothing to wear while pregnant, after a turtleneck.

So generally, one-piece looks, which elongate the body and leave room for a growing stomach, seem to cater to the majority of pregnancy needs. Dresses and jumpsuits both fall into this category, but choosing jumpsuits can win you some major fashion points.

Jumpsuits are simply great outfit choices, especially when expecting. A would-be mother won’t have to worry about pants falling down her butt (yes, that happens, even when you don't purchase maternity leggings or jeans from Preggo Leggings!) or a shirt riding up and exposing your belly.

Sure, going to the bathroom might require an extra step when wearing overalls. But let’s be honest: Going to the bathroom while pregnant is an arduous task no matter what.

And importantly, jumpsuits allow you to feel fashionable. Not everyone can pull off the jumpsuits look on a regular basis. If you can do so while pregnant — and believe me, you can, because a bigger stomach accentuates the look in a good way — then you must be a very fashionable individual indeed. Plus, there are so many options for experimenting and finding your perfect look, since overalls come in all shapes, sizes and materials (denim! cotton! linen!).

“I can say with some certainty that maternity jumpsuits guarantee a remarkable emotional response from their beholders,” Reyhan Harmanci wrote in The New York Times in 2018, before listing the item’s tangible benefits, including the lack of a waistband, the rather economical price and their overall utility. “They are adorable in the same way that puppies and kittens are adorable—in a primal way.”

Alas, just like everything else in life — especially when it comes to having kids — there may be a bit of a trial-and-error process. Read on for some styles you should consider trying out.

Diem Jumpsuit - Sand

Diem Maternity Jumpsuit in Sand


Analia Jumpsuit - Blush

Analia Maternity Jumpsuit in Blush

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