Why Maternity Jeans Are the Best Thing Ever

perfect maternity jeans.

One of life's most basic pleasures is buying a flattering pair of jeans -- and we don't have to give this up just because we have a growing baby bump. For pregnant women, the best thing since sliced bread is the perfect maternity jeans.

Every expecting mom would love to keep wearing their pre-pregnancy jeans, but you shouldn’t. No, they don’t hurt the baby inside! Regular jeans just don’t feel comfortable anymore because they don’t have the stretch that we need as our bumps grow.

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perfect maternity jeans

They Are the Most Comfortable Jeans on Earth!

It is so comfy that it can be worn comfortably throughout the whole pregnancy. This is because they are purposely designed to stretch and adapt as the pregnancy advances.

Did we also mention that even non-preggo women love to wear maternity jeans? That’s how comfy they are compared to regular jeans! They have elastic waistbands that keep your jeans up and accommodate any changes to your tummy, pregnant or not. People often accidentally stumble into this maternity denim and never turn back, simply because life is short and comfort is key.

They Are Timeless, Stylish, and Super Flattering!

Jeans are such a popular clothing choice. They look good and can be dressed up or down as the occasion demands it!

No, you never have to buy regular jeans in larger sizes to fit your belly. They’d seem too big elsewhere. You can actually pick whatever you want for your maternity jeans and not sacrifice your fashion style. Wanna go for denim skinnies? Then go for it!

You Can Choose Between Under Belly Waistband and Over Bump Waistband

Depending on how comfortable you feel and your personal choice will determine what style is right for you.

Underbelly waistband - soft waistband that sits right at the bottom of your bump

-- If you don’t like any pressure on your bump, then choose jeans with seamless or side stretch panels that expand with your tummy and make the jeans easy to take on and off. From the back, they just look like your regular jeans!

Over bump waistband - high-rise panel that covers your bump and serves as a girdle

-- Most pregnant women want a bit more of belly support and like something comfy and snug over their baby bump. And it even gets better since this kind of waistband provides lower back support throughout your pregnancy!

Pregnant woman wearing PL Denim Maternity Jeans

You’ll Wear Your Maternity Pants for Months (Years) Even After Having a Baby

Once you tried maternity jeans, it is going to be really hard going back to your old regular pair of pants. Many moms wear maternity jeans even when they aren't pregnant. They’re not just cozier, over belly waistband jeans also help your abdominal muscles while they are healing postpartum (especially for C-section moms).

Maternity Jeans Work With Every Single Body Type or Any Stage of Pregnancy

You don’t have to wait until your third trimester before buying your pair. You can have it as early as your first trimester so you don’t feel strained in any way as your bump expands because it totally flexes with your shape. Pretty sweet, yeah?

To all mamas and mamas-to-be out there, get your pair and be comfy and stylish as you show off your baby bump!

Still in Search for the Perfect Maternity Jeans?

Well, the search is officially over, mamas! We've got you covered, not once but twice!

Step 1: Educate Yourself

Firstly, if you're still unsure about what to look for in maternity jeans, don't sweat it. We've got a comprehensive guide on finding the right maternity jeans that will answer all your questions.

Step 2: Shop the Look

Secondly, since you're already here, why not check out our own line of maternity jeans? Introducing... PL DENIM.

Made to fit and define a flattering silhouette without sacrificing comfort for preggo mamas like you, our #PLDenim comes with real buttons, zippers, belt loops, and pockets!

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