Why You Should Talk To Your Baby Bump

Why You Should Talk To Your Baby Bump

Talking to Your Bump

One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that we're bonding with our babies, but did you know that you can start the momma-bubba bonding as early as 23 weeks during your pregnancy? Yup, that's right! Studies show that some babies react to sound as early as 23 weeks, most start to respond to external noise between 26 and 30 weeks.

This means that our babies start to recognize our own voice when we talk during this time. They start to get used to the sound of our heartbeat and our growling tummy when we're hungry. This is is just one of the many intimate ways that moms like us can bond with our babies. What a gift it truly is❤️


Talking to your baby bump

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When we reach this period, we can start talking to our baby. If we've decided on the name, we can start talking to our babies using their given names. You can start talking to your baby, telling them things you look forward to when the baby arrives, things that you'll love to do together, your hopes and dreams. You can even talk about what your day is like, how it feels to carry them inside our bodies everyday. If you're not comfortable or you feel like you're running out of things to say, you can start the bedtime stories by reading them books, or singing your favorite and classic lullabies. Studies after studies have shown that when the babies recognize their mom's voice, it helps to calm them down. Some of them are said to respond by slowing their movements inside your belly. Once your baby arrives, he/she will surely recognize your voice first.


Dads and Baby Bump bonding

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Dads and your other kids can bond with your baby, too. They just have to exert a little bit more effort and to move closer to your bump when they talk to your baby. Some also play classical music or their all-time favorite albums and putting the speakers a little closer to their bump. It helps to acclimate your baby to the outside world and to start to get to know you and the family.


Kids bonding with baby bump

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Here's something you can do: When you feel like your baby is starting to move around inside your belly, try to talk to him/her and see if the movements will be different. This is a way to get a response from your baby, see if you feel like they're relaxing when you talk to them. A truly unique and wonderful bonding moment, indeed.

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