Wine While Breastfeeding?

Wine While Breastfeeding?

This is a common question in the mommy community. We recently asked our Facebook followers, "A glass of wine while breastfeeding. Yes or No?" The responses were divided.

Opinions in Favor of Wine While Breastfeeding:

"Sure. We deserve it and it's all about moderation and timing." - Kara W.

"Yes! It's perfectly fine. I waited until my little guy was 3 months old. My doctor in the hospital said it was fine." - Andrea K.

Opinions Against Wine While Breastfeeding:

"No, not because I'm strict, but I prefer to enjoy my wine in solitude. I once had a beer while nursing and produced so much milk I thought I'd flood the place!" - Kari M.

"Personally no. I'm cautious. If I were to, I'd pump and dump to feel okay about it." - Ariel C.

Humorous Takes on Wine While Breastfeeding:

For you or the baby? - Solomon O.

"A glass of wine WHILE breastfeeding? That's coordination!" - Jennifer H.

If our Facebook poll is any indication, most moms are okay with a glass of wine while breastfeeding, but not more.

Medical experts also have differing opinions. While many advise avoiding alcohol completely while nursing, some acknowledge that occasional indulgence may occur. Experts often recommend having a glass of wine just after nursing, rather than just before.

Interestingly, some women referred to the traditional belief that alcohol helps increase breast milk production. However, research from Julie Mennella of Philadelphia's Monell Chemical Senses Center in 2005 suggests otherwise. (More on the study here). It's worth noting that the study used spiked orange juice, not wine.

If you missed our Facebook conversation, share your thoughts on wine while breastfeeding in the comments section below.

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