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Preggo Who? Preggo What?: Preggo Leggings Has Arrived

Posted: Jul 23 2014

Ummm….it’s actually called Preggo Leggings and it’s not a who…it’s the new chic over the belly maternity leggings slated to launch August 1st, 2014. You want comfy? Check. Soft and cute? Double check. Ability to dress it up or down? Oh hell yeah! Triple check for that one. So…what’s your favorite color? Turquoise Blue? Red? Grey? Black? Brown? Or is it Yellow? No need to churn your brain trying to figure it out. Just feast your eyes on these and kindly take your pick.


Well...there you have it mamas! Now that you've seen them all, which color would you like to see added to the Preggo Leggings family? 

Sound off in the comment section below to let us know!

P.S., You can also purchase our wonder maternity leggings at



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