Bump Style Approved: Pregnancy Q&A with Lauren Christner

Bump Style Approved: Pregnancy Q&A with Lauren Christner

September 17, 2014

Hey there mamas...preggosphere here with Lauren Christner. Check out this fab mama-to-be and her incredible style. Here are some quick deets you should know! 


Name: Lauren Christner

Your Hometown: Denton, TX

Your Occupation: Currently a stay at home wife, soon to be a stay at home mama!

 Your Due Date: December 3rd, 2014

 Significant other name: Stiles Christner 


Preggosphere: Tell us a little bit about yourself


Lauren: I am 23 years old and have been married to my wonderful husband for 3 years. We recently moved out to the country and are loving the space and quiet life it has brought us! Before I was pregnant, I was really diligent about fashion blogging but lately I have been slacking. I am excited to finish out this pregnancy with a lot more maternity fashion posts on the blog and I LOVE my new bump and learning everyday how to style it! 


 Preggosphere: What’s the best and worst part about being pregnant?


Lauren: BEST: Feeling your baby move and kick and squirm around inside of you. It truly is a living breathing miracle you are carrying around and it is such an amazing feeling! WORST: Honestly, I have had a super easy breezy pregnancy so far. I mean, I have had the normal aches and pains and what not but mostly, I would say the worst part about being pregnant is not being able to drink ice cold beers whenever I want, especially in this Texas summer heat! :)



Preggosphere: I guess you'll just have to settle for a regular ice tea for the heat right? LOL .So... How would you describe your fashion style? Has it changed since you got pregnant?


Lauren: A little bit western, a little rock n roll and a lot of hippy dippy. I would say over all, I have stayed true to that while being pregnant. Its easy to throw on the same caftan and cowboy boots I wore before I got pregnant! I do sport alot more leggings and yoga pants now a days though, and I am ok with that! 



Preggosphere: If I raided your closet right now, what would I find most of?


Lauren: Vintage caftans and kimonos.



Preggosphere: What’s your go-to pregnancy outfit?


Lauren: A tight fitting, curve hugging maxi dress and some sort of heel or boot depending on where I am going.



Preggosphere: What brands do you love - maternity or otherwise?


Lauren: H&M maternity jeans , Free People dresses and alot of vintage finds. 



Preggosphere: Are you skipping the heels while preggo or wear them throughout your pregnancy?


Lauren: I just can't let myself NOT wear a pair every once in a while. My feet are getting too swollen yet so until they do...heels all the way!



Preggosphere: Fill in the blank: I wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without


Lauren:  Chapstick and water


Preggosphere: What moms do you think have/had great maternity style?


Lauren: I love the way Gwen Stefani mastered the perfect preggo looks and of course, Nicole Richie the ultimate boho mama! 


Preggosphere: Are you a trend setter or do you prefer to follow the latest trend? Or a little bit of both?


Lauren: I think I am a little bit of both! I always end up wearing exactly what I want to wear BUT I do love to follow a good trend every now and again. For instance, I am pumped about socks and clogs for fall/winter of this year! 



Preggosphere: Thank you so much for answering all our questions Lauren! You totally ROCK and you are SOOOOO #bumpstyleapproved!

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