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Spring Alert: 7 Spring Must Haves For Fashionista Moms-To-Be

Posted: Mar 19 2015


Spring is almost here and it's that time of the year you don't ever have to worry about being too uncomfortably hot or ridiculously too cold. It's the perfect in-between season and that is all the more reason to make sure you are ready to rock out with some maternity must haves this Spring. Here are some awesome maternity must haves every mom-to-be should think about for this coming Spring. 






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I hate to break it to you mamas but Spring is pollen season and that means you will need to take measures to keep it at bay. Definitely pay a visit to your doctor to see which allergy medicine or nasal spray is safe for you to take during your pregnancy. Look into changing the air filters in your home and avoid or minimize outside activities if possible.  




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Spring is all about color and for as a preggo mama, you need to get yourself some cute and comfortable maternity tank tops. Cute jean jackets or wraps can be worn over tank tops and can be worn either up or down depending on personal style. This is a must have staple for any mom-to-be in the Spring time. 



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Depending on how far along you are, wearing heels can get a bit uncomfortable. Yes, heels does put a little pep in your step but wearing flats is a whole lot more comfortable and easy to sleep on and off during pregnancy. You can invest in an array different colors to give you a number of different choices when choosing an outfit. If you have the money to spend on quality flats, you can't go wrong with flats from Tieks but if you are on a budget, Target and Payless has some affordable ones. 



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This is a Spring maternity must have! I always say maternity leggings are the best inventions EVER! Morning, afternoon and night, maternity leggings is an essential staple for every mama-to-be. It's easy to put on, easy to dress up or down and the best part, its stretchy and super comfortable for Spring weather. 




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Spring, sundress and skinny jeans go hand in hand. Maternity sundresses are pretty, colorful and make any preggo mama look absolutely stunning. Maternity skinny jeans are a must have! You can dress it up with some cute tops and heels or dress it down with sneakers. To add a little spunk in your sundress fashion, add on a crop top jacket to give it a bit of edge.




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Spring calls for outdoor activities and that means you have to protect yourself from the sun. Use and choose sunscreen with SPF 30  or higher and make sure it is water resistant. Also ensure it provides broad spectrum coverage which essentially means it protects you from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Be sure to apply it generously to exposed skin when outdoors and use every two hours.




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You and I both know sunglasses makes any outfit look amazing and your pregnancy fashion will need a little pick me up with some hot looking shades. Okay, apart from the fact that it will make you look fabulous, it protects your eyes from the sun and coupling that with a nice, chic sunhat will not only complete your outfit, it will act as a double layer in protecting your eyes and face from the sun. It's springtime...have fun and add some color in your maternity style. 


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