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Spotted Around the PreggoSphere: Gabrielle Loomis

Posted: Jun 28 2017

Happy New Week Mamas!

Gabrielle Loomis is featured today for our Spotted Around the Preggosphere! Gabi is a Brazilian/American who loves fashion, traveling, and is addicted to sweets. Learn what Gabi has to say with our maternity leggings and how it gave her the comfort that every preggo mama needs.

"I am glad that I have these maternity leggings, which help to make a more comfortable pregnancy, especially after all the weight I put on these past few months. These maternity leggings are from a brand called Preggo Leggings"

 "They are extremely comfortable and I love the detail on the legs (also called motto leggings). I prefer to wear leggings during pregnancy and occasionally maternity jeans."

Oh! Such a cool preggo babe!


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