The First Trimester Essentials: To-Do List for First Time Moms

The First Trimester Essentials: To-Do List for First Time Moms

We've finally confirmed it. Two lines. Isn't that crazy? It only takes two small lines and our lives are completely changed. We know it can be overwhelming especially for first-time moms, so we round up the essentials you have to start focusing on during the first three months of your pregnancy.


  1. Supplements and vitamins - follow your doctor and/or midwife's advice for what supplements and vitamins you may need. It's particularly essential to start getting folic acid into your system.

  2. Quit smoking - if you are, then yes, you have to do it. It's what's best for your health and your baby's.

  3. Cut down on what's bad for you - yup, we all love coffee and wine and the occasional cocktails or maybe pizza night with beers, right? Sorry, but to be safe, we got to say goodbye to alcohol.

  4. Get a healthy and balanced diet - yes, if you haven't been doing this yet, then you better start now. For specific food that you should and shouldn't eat, make sure to consult your doctor about it.

  5. Exercise regularly - if you've been regularly doing this pre-pregnancy, you can still do light exerices, just make sure to follow doctor's orders first. Light weights and walking can be good for you.

  6. Rest well and go to bed early, as much as you can. Practice meditation or just mindful breathing even for just a few minutes daily.

  7. Keep a journal - It may be something you may want to look back on once you give birth and it's also a healthy way of keeping tabs on how you're feeling physically and emotionally. Plus this will be helpful to make sure you won't forget any questions you have on your next doctor's appointment.

  8. Start listing down your next maternity essentials. Your body will go through the changes and stages of pregnancy and it's important to be prepared for that. Yes, we know you're excited to shop for baby clothes (we're so guilty of this, too!) but make sure to also focus on you. It's time to start the search for comfy maternity leggings, cozy tops that will fit you and still have room for your belly to grow, pregnancy pillow for support on your back and belly, plus the right maternity and nursing bra (sorry, to break it to you, momma: Your regular, pre-pregnancy bra can't give you the right support during pregnancy.

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