7 Valentine's Day Gifts for Every Expecting Mom

[7 Valentine's Day Gifts for Every Expecting Mom] - [White Maternity and Nursing Bra and Panty]

Past and current preggo mamas know how our hormones can sometimes mess us all up and put our emotions in a roller coaster ride, so it's no surprise how Valentine's Day can sometimes be stressful and emotional and tensed for us. I mean, sure, we love all the mushy, cuddly sweetness of celebrating it with a romantic dinner like how we used to pre-pregnancy, but we'll be lying if we say it's better than getting awesome preggo mama V-day gifts💖 (Priorities change, so does preference 😜) 

Wondering what gifts can make an expecting mom beaming this Valentine’s day? No need to fret because we have listed some of the best presents you can give to a mom-to-be.

Best Valentines Day Gifts for Expecting Moms

1 A Bouquet of Roses 

Can't help but gush about how this is making us feel like a queen. A bouquet of flowers is classic, timeless, and will always leave a beautiful smile on our faces. Perfect for V-day! 

2 Sexy Maternity Lingerie

There are days that we feel absolutely sexy and confident, like we can simply takeover the world (and there are days that aren't like this, ugh), but sometimes, hearing you say that that's how you see us means a lot. You know we've been eyeing that chic pair of lingerie but we get too conscious or guilty about buying it... so why not get us this as a V-day present? It just might spice up our date😉

3 Foot and Calf Massager

Oh, you have no idea how many times we've dreamt about this: a foot and calf massager after a long day of just being pregnant. While giving us a full day of spa and massage is a great idea, bringing the spa to our home so we can enjoy it anytime we wish is truly the best gift ever. Plus, you can enjoy it yourself, too😉

4 Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Pillow

We are so ready to say goodbye to belly, body, and hip pain. This 3-in-1 pillow helps to keep expecting moms and our baby comfortable while sleeping during pregnancy, and get to use it for support while nursing, too. It is very versatile as it molds to a variety of positions to help us get most comfortable, not to mention its compact size - perfect for traveling or just simply to not take too much space.

5 Rocking Chair

We do love comfort above every traditional V-day gift out there. Truly a must-have in every nursery, a rocking chair is perfect to prepare us mommas and help keep us comfortable in a lot of ways, but especially during those wee hours in the morning that our baby can't sleep if we're not holding them in our arms.

6 Classic Seamless Maternity Leggings

You can bet every expecting mom might already have leggings, but gifting us a pair that is seamless and very comfortable would mean the world to us. Momma's hot tip for you: Go for a pair that would never get too tight through our first, second, and third trimester - in short, something flexible enough for our growing bodies (Bonus points for seamless leggings that we can use after pregnancy!)

7 Best Maternity Denim

You read it right. This wardrobe essential for any women is now available for us expecting mamas, too. We can now wear a pair of denim jeans that is especially designed for our growing bumps. Don’t worry, these are totally stretchy (tried it a couple of times😉) Check out PL Denim - the must-have maternity jeans!


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