7 Ways For New Moms To Get More Sleep

7 Ways For New Moms To Get More Sleep


Having a new born is like a full-time job and it's hard to think of sleep when you know they constantly need you to care for them. Many say sleep when the baby sleeps but the reality of it is, sometimes when the baby sleeps, you have things to do and you want to get as much done as possible without feeling like you've lost grip on your own life. Sleep deprivation can cause serious health problems and makes it hard to function. It is certainly a problem you do not want to deal with. So how do you sleep with a new born in toe? Here are 9 creative ways to get a little shut-eye.  


Okay mamas, this is SOOOO not the time to be modest and feel like you can do it all. Yes, you are a super mom but even super moms need sleep too. if a family member or friend offers to help watch the baby so you can rest, just say yes! Trust me, your body will thank you later.  



Yep! A genius idea. When you pump, this way, even when the baby cries because he/she wants some milk, someone else (significant other, friend or family) can pick up that responsibility for you. It's a win-win situation. The baby gets the milk and you still get some sleep. Viola! Problem solved!  



It's okay to say "I can't do it all" and trust me, your significant other will understand. Make a schedule. Take turns taking care of the baby at night so you don't have to be the one getting out of bed every single time your baby cries or fusses.  



Okay, this is the most popular advice in the market. Even though is a bit hard sometimes because the time your baby sleeps, you sometimes want to catch up on doing chores but hey, I think this advice is a solid one. If you do this, you might just be able to get a full cycle of sleep a few hours at a time each day.



The first few weeks after your baby arrives home, everybody wants to take a peek at your bundle of joy. Well, it's only natural but for the sake of your health and getting down a routine, say no to visitors (and don't feel bad about it) until you feel like you have a handle on sleep and your baby's routine.



The house is a bit of a mess, the laundry is over flowing with dirty clothes and the dishes in the sink is a few days old and you figure its best to take care of it when the baby sleeps but I say nope! I say fight the urge. It can wait a few more hours after you've gotten a little bit of a much needed power nap.  



It's sweet your family and friends always want to check in on you to make sure you are coping well with the new addition to the family but the constant ringing of your phone can disrupt sleep for both you and the baby. So turn it off so you don't have to worry about answering calls when you are trying to sleep. Phones can also be a big distraction because you want to be in the know on what's happening on social media which can disrupt sleep so, turning off your phone while you are trying to sleep might be a good idea! How did you get some sleep during the first few weeks of your baby's arrival?
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