8 Best Gifts for Pregnant Women & Expecting Moms

Sexy Mom Lingerie by You! Lingerie

Pregnancy is a magical time for both parents and it definitely changes a relationship. Your romance no longer means the same things to you. Much of what you do together is done in expectation of the new arrival. Your conversations revolve around the pregnancy, the baby, and the way your lives are going to change. So, what can you give to your pregnant wife this Mother’s Day to let her know how much you love and appreciate her in her mommy role and mommy body?

Top Mother's Day Gifts for Expecting Moms

1. Beautiful Mom Lingerie

Pregnant or not, women love to feel beautiful and sexy. Ignite the spark with one of our irresistible nursing bra and panty sets. You might as well get two, because she’ll never want to wear anything else. 2.

2. Maternity Pillow

Mothers-to-be often have a hard time finding any comfortable sleeping position, especially as the months wear on. This fluffy, multi-position pillow gets rave reviews and is sure to please.

3. Shiatsu Massage Pillow

Day in, day out, your pregnant wife is carrying not only the weight of the growing baby, but lots of extra blood and fluid. She may not complain about it, but chances are, she could use a rub. This terrific pillow targets the neck muscles with firm, rolling motion and heat.

4. Luxe Belly Cream

Thick, luxurious cream takes the itch away from stretching skin and keeps it soft and supple. Trust me; your wife will love it. Especially if you rub it on for her, tell her how beautiful her fat belly is and then give her a foot massage.

5. Baby Bump Sound System

Baby begins connecting with mom and dad and the outside world while still in the womb, primarily through sound. Maybe your wife would enjoy sharing her tunes with baby, building that connection through music.

6. A Romantic Dinner

Excite her senses with the food you know she craves (at least we hope you know!) and a candlelight dinner someplace nice. Most pregnant women are relatively hungry and given that soon you won’t have a chance to go out alone, you are sure to enjoy your time together.

7. Cotton Labor & Delivery Gown

This labor and delivery gown is soft, loose, open, comfy, and pretty. Having this simple little gown tucked in her hospital bag will be such a relief for your wife. It is much prettier and more comfortable than an ordinary hospital gown.

8. A Day at The Spa

Trust us – she will love a gift card to a day spa. Getting pampered is perhaps the most appreciated gift your wife can get. Not sure how to choose a spa? Our advice is, don’t be cheap and take the time to read the reviews. The last thing you need is for her to have an unpleasant experience.

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