8 Things You Didn’t Know About Breastfeeding

Photo cred: Mandee Palmer @mandeethegreat Photo cred: Mandee Palmer @mandeethegreat

There are some things they just don't tell you about breastfeeding. No worries. I've compiled 8 things to help get you in the know!

1. Breastfeeding help some women lose weight


 60% of women say breastfeeding their little one helped them lost weight. Because breast milk is a high fat, high caloric food, your baby literally sucks it all out of you. Just because it works for some does not necessarily mean it will work for everyone. This does not work for every woman because our bodies are not made equal. 40% of women say breastfeeding did not help them lose weight. Yeah…I guess I am part of the 40%! Bummer!!!

2. Your breast Will Leak A LOT!

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Be sure to buy a good nursing bra mamas because your breast will leak a lot. Yeah…you can thank the hormone, oxytocin, for this lovely present. It likes to make sure you have more than enough milk to feed your child. It is reported that when you hear your baby cry or any baby you will leak. Some mamas have reported that they leaked long after they have weaned their babies off even after a whole year. Wow!

3. You breast can be lop-sided

No, seriously. True story! Sometimes, nursing moms find that one breast is slightly bigger than the other. Well, that’s because you have a different number of milk making ducts on each breast. Mmmmm…I guess that makes sense. You can also cause one breast to be bigger than the other if you feed your child from one particular breast more than the other. Mamas, you can’t help how many ducts you have! It’s just how we were made! Fantastic stuff right?

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4. You’ll have intense hormones

So you know that feeling of falling in love? You know the kind where you will do ANYTHING for the person? Yeah, that’s what you’ll feel when you breastfeed your little one. Again, let’s tip our hats to the hormone responsible for this…Oxytocin! It is also responsible for bringing your milk to the front of your breast (also known as milk letting down.) Some women report feeling a deep sense of relaxation which can easily become a feeling of drowsiness while breastfeeding (mamas, I suggest you take the time to take a quick nap because you just don’t know when else you’ll be able to but safety first. Make sure you are laying down with your baby in order to prevent dropping them) Others have reported an uneasy feeling such as belly aches, sweating and weakness.

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5. Your breast milk is specially made to give your baby all that he/she needs

I think it’s pretty damn cool that a baby gets all the nutrients it needs from its mother’s breast milk. When you first begin nursing, your milk will be very watery. It is designed this way to ease your child into breastfeeding and to basically quench his/her thirst. As he/she continues to feed, your milk will get creamier. Breastfeed is packed with all nutrients, giving your baby any antibodies it needs at any particular time which in turn keeps your baby from getting sick. The best part…your breast milk changes as he/she grows to meet their ever changing needs.

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6. It can get boring

Yeah…so brace yourselves, mamas! Because babies need to be fed every couple of hours, it gets a bit repetitive and boring! Well, get your smartphone and check emails, get on facebook or instagram to see what that mama is up to today but try and avoid doing it at night says Eileen Murphy, a registered lactation consultant. The reason why is catching up on your favorite tv shows and getting on your phone while breastfeeding your baby at night will get them unaccustomed to the idea of day vs. night. You don’t want them wired all through the night do you? Ummm…nope! I didn’t think so.

Photo Credit: flickr.com Photo Credit: flickr.com

7. It might hurt

Whoops!!! So… because your nipples are not used to this kind of stimulation, it might hurt a bit. But beware, sometimes, it might be caused by the simple fact that your child is latching on all wrong or from blocked ducts, mastitis or from using the breast bump incorrectly. In cases such as these, it will be best to consult your OB so she can look into those medical issues and consulting a lactation expert will help in giving you pointers on how to help your baby latch on properly.

8. Sex might be…how do we say this…different!

When moms breastfeed, estrogen levels usually plummets. When estrogen levels are down, it causes vaginal dryness. Yikes! Just keep a bottle of lubricant near by so it's easy to get to when the time to really get it on arrives:-)


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