Bringing Home Baby: The First 6 Weeks

Bringing Home the Baby

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After your baby makes a clean break from the inside, Life is a whole lot different for you and the baby on the outside.  Yeah! there will be days you will find yourself confused and thinking sometimes out loud  if I might add, "what is happening to my body? Why do I feel a bit out of it?" Well need to freak out. What happens weeks after your beautiful bundle of joy says hello to the world is perfectly normal.

1. The Proof Is In The Pudding

After 9 months of carrying a baby in your body, it will take a little time for everything to bounce back to its normal routine. Your body is bound to go through a lot of changes weeks after your baby is born. For me personally, it was my stomach. Yikes! This one really hit me hard. I mean, it was hard to look at the mirror and see the muscles that used to make me feel sexy not there anymore. More than likely, you are not feeling beautiful or sexy because your body is different, but no worries. Every mother feels exactly the same the first few weeks. No need to feel like you are alone because believe me, you are not. Time is your friend. Love and accept your body with the changes it's going through. It might seem like it would take eternity to get your hot bud back but trust me, all in good time.

2. The Celebrity Curse

Alright mamas, listen up and listen good! Getting your body back in 6 weeks after you give birth is a bit on the impossible side. I mean come on, we see celebrities flashing their pre-baby weight on our television screens and we can't help but feel less than adequate right? I don't care what anybody says, it's all an illusion and all lies! Come on now, they have millions of dollars. They can afford to do a quick liposuction while the baby is being pushed out! Do not be deceived! Eat a well-balanced diet ( lots of fruits and vegetables) and let your body rest a bit before you go ham at the gym. To avoid scarring, skip vigorous exercises and take it easy. Wear comfortable clothes to help you feel less bloated. You will get your body back soon enough. If you are good to your body, it will be good to you. Breastfeeding also helps keep off the pounds.

3.  Don't Forget About You

It's very easy to forget about your own well being after you bring your baby home. All of a sudden, you don't shower as often as you used to because the baby constantly needs you. After a while, you become sleep deprived because the baby is always fussing and demands to be held. The baby becomes the center of your universe (which is perfectly normal) and your significant other begins to feel neglected. Just take a deep breathe and keep calm. This is the perfect time to have friends or family members help out for a little bit so you can concentrate on yourself a little bit more. It's so easy to lose sight of you when you have a cute and helpless baby depending on you for everything but if you don't care for yourself, how will care for your baby like you would? Try to sleep when your baby sleeps and it's okay to accept help from the people closest to you. Don't ignore your partner. Try and make him/her feel like he's also as important as the baby.

4. Forming The Bond

The bond between a mother and child is the strongest bond there is but for some mothers, this bond comes a bit more slowly. Now that your baby is out of your womb and into the real world, hold him as much as you can to get him reacquainted with the sound of your voice and your warm touch. Babies need touch, love and whole lot of attention for proper development. Cuddle him, talk to him, read to him and sing to him. Touch and emotional contact is important in forming the mother/child bond. For those mamas who struggles with this type of bonding, you may be suffering from postpartum depression. Please consult professional help because this can result in delayed development and child behavior problems. How did you adjust the first 6 weeks of giving birth? Let us know in the comment section below.

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