Hej Sverige! – Sexy Nursing & Maternity Lingerie Has Landed in Sweden!

No....that's not a typo. What you have astutely noticed is that the title of my blog today is in Swedish! "Hej Sverige" means "Hello, Sweden". We are soooo excited to announce that we have a new You! Lingerie retailer in Sweden, GlamMom

Swedish Retailer of You! Lingerie
GlamMom is a newly launched retail site focused on providing new moms & moms-to-be with glamorous and beautiful nursing lingerie and other products. It was launched by two fabulous ladies, Vanja and Malin.

Vanja and Malin of Glammom.se

Watch out Sweden, there are going to be a lot of happy Swedish moms out there thanks the GlamMom!!!

To see more our retailers. Please check out our You! Lingerie retailer page.

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