It’s Time to Pack! Here’s Our Hospital Bag Must-Have List

Hospital Bag Must-Have

Your baby is about to arrive. So many things are going to happen and the last thing that you’d want is to panic while trying to hold it over one contraction after another. Today is the day to start preparing: Get this checklist and start packing your hospital bag!

Hospital Bag Must-Have

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The hospital arrival essentials

    • Hospital paperwork, ID, insurance card - it’s important to make sure you have multiple copies of these documents in your bag. Put one set of these documents in a plastic envelope that you can easily get when you open your bag and make sure your partner knows where to get it just in case you have to unexpectedly deliver before due date.
    • Birth plan - you might have discussed this with your doctor but it’s important to have multiple copies available so that the medical team who will assist you are well-informed

Personals during labor

    • Soft robe. Wear it in the hospital while pacing around during labor. 
    • Toiletries! Omg, this is just way too important to miss. Toiletries is a separate checklist altogether: soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, facial wash, deodorant, lip balm, extra hair ties, tissue/wipes, and anything else that you usually choose. Make sure to put them all in a clear bag for easy-pull.
    • Contact lenses/spare eyeglasses if you wear them. Make sure you pack this separately from your daily wear so you won’t forget.
    • Feet care: Slippers/flip-flops and socks
    • Pillows and bath towel

Personals after birth

    • Soft, comfy nightgown for sleeping during your hospital stay.
    • Maxi pads, extra toiletries (as listed above).
    • Mommy undergarments - it’s important to make sure you’re bringing comfortable nursing lingerie. We suggest choosing from this collection of You! Lingerie. You can shop for your next nursing set here.
    • Going home outfit. Get comfy postpartum clothes with elastic waist and pair it with a cute, soft, loose-fitting top. You can get our best-selling postpartum leggings here. The Snapback Postpartum Leggings is available in black and gray.
Nursing Lingerie

Baby Essentials

    • Going home outfit for the baby. It could be bodysuit or other newborn baby clothes. Don’t forget hats, socks, and blankets for extra layer if it’s a little cold.
    • Diapers. While you can bring your own, the hospital provides these so make sure you have an extra bag or tote for these items you’ll be bringing home from the hospital.
    • Your pediatrician’s contact details for when the hospital staff ask you about this.

Hospital Entertainment/Relaxation Stuff

This could include anything that will help get your mind off the contractions during labor or things that can help you relax. :)

    • Mobile phone and charger with long cord (For mobile games and Netflix)
    • Book, magazine
    • Snacks and drinks. Sometimes, labor can take longer than expected. You should consider packing some of your favorite snacks to help you get through labor.
    • Lotion or oil for massage, some moms found it helpful for them to have someone massage their backs, hands, and feet as a way to relax.
    • Eye mask and earplugs - to make sure you can help yourself fall asleep despite the busy maternity ward or get a restful sleep after delivery.

Once done, you can finally sit back, relax, and wait for the baby to arrive.💗

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