Nursing Bras 101: Reasons Why You Need Them!

Nursing Bras 101: Reasons Why You Need Them!

So, what is the difference between a normal bra that we wear every day and a nursing bra? Today, we’re going to learn more about the reasons why it is essential for breastfeeding moms. You might need to check out You! Lounge collection after reading this!


High Quality Nursing Bra

Traditional Bra vs. Nursing Bra

Ditch your regular bra, for comfort!

While pregnant or nursing, it is not recommended to wear a regular bra especially those with traditional underwire. Those bras can make you feel a total discomfort. Wear bras with soft cups and more rows of hooks for an easier adjustment. Look for bras with wider straps on a nursing bra because it is an important factor for support especially for those with larger cup bras. Always remember, choose bras that keep you comfortable.


White Maternity Bras

Why should you invest in nursing bras?

Extreme comfort + support + quality

Remember, a good and high-quality nursing bra will cost you from $25 to $70. This is the range that you can usually stay in without compromising comfort and quality. It is a good investment for moms because aside from comfort, the support that it can give while keeping you in shape is priceless. Handle and take good care of it properly if you want to make it last.  You need to wash them on a delicate cycle or hand wash it then you may hang it to dry to make sure that it will last longer.


Supportive Nursing Bras

It can look as beautiful as normal lingerie!

Did you know that nursing bras can also make you look and feel sexy and empowered just like when you’re wearing your normal lingerie? As moms, we all know that pregnancy has a lot of challenging stages and by just wearing normal lingerie can uplift your spirit as a woman. Nursing bras are designed to provide you support, comfort and make you feel sexier even that before! It can look exactly beautiful like your normal lingerie!


Plus size Nursing Bra

Nursing bras help avoid skin irritation

Sensitive and tender breasts can get more irritations because of the unlined bras, seams, and stitching. Nursing bras are soft and comfortable and avoid the risk of chafing. It is designed for ultimate support, comfort, and breathability. You! Lingerie has it in different colors and designs for you to choose from!

Non-wired Nursing Bras

Stop wearing an underwire bra!

Wearing underwire bras during pregnancy is one of the things that you shouldn’t do during pregnancy and the early days of breastfeeding. Do you want to know the reasons why? It is because the underwires can place pressure on the milk ducts which causes blocking of the milk flow. You don’t want to have some nasty infections which require antibiotics and can interrupt your breastfeeding routine. There are maternity bras that are great for support and shape, so you do not need to wear those with underwires. When shopping for maternity bras, make sure that you get the ones that fit you perfectly and comfortably. Check the fabrics and ensure that you choose something that is breathable and soft.

Motherhood and pregnancy are the best stages of a woman’s life! Learn to take good care and love yourself so you can provide that care that your family needs.


Source: PBC Expo

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