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Review of  Cute Maternity & Nursing Bras by You! Lingerie
ur Sexy You! (front) and Paris (rear) Maternity & Nursing Bras[/caption] Hey mamas, We love our customers and we especially love when we hear from our customers. The other day, a mama named Kris reached out to share her EPIC review on our nursing bras. The awesome mama purchased a Sexy You! and Paris Maternity & Nursing bras. Check out the review below and maybe, just maybe, you'll just join us by busting some crazy dance moves of your own:-) Enjoy!

I placed an order in July for some nursing bras by You!Lingerie. I stumbled upon them by scouring the internet. I had very large breasts before becoming pregnant, and although they shrank during my pregnancy they’ve returned to their original size (perhaps even bigger) now that I’m nursing. I’m sure every other busty girl knows what a pain it is finding decent bras for a decent price - as it turns out nursing bras are even worse!!

You! Lingerie offers cup sizes up to an H! Many different bright colours, and patterns or lace. Some have underwire, some don’t.

So far I’ve had my bras for almost a week and here are my first impressions:

Each bra was individually wrapped and tagged. The tags had the logo and a blurb about the company. The package itself came with a beautiful handwritten note that was really lovely and personal. Also I should add that customer service was really great!

My favourite seems to be their Paris bra. Its the navy stripe. So comfy and looks great with my tank top that I wear way too often. I love the cut of the bra. Makes my boobs look really great! It has no underwire, and I think this may be a contributing factor!

I also ordered two other bras the Zoe (not pictured) and the Sexy! You. They seem to be cut quite similar and I think I could have actually gone one cup size up because I spill out the top (especially when my milk comes in). My Bummis nipple pads don’t sit very nicely in the bra - they are very thick - so I will try them with my handmade bamboo ones and see if I have better luck. I still really like these two and won’t be exchanging them despite the spillage because I’m hoping to drop a few more pounds before I’m done nursing (lol so every woman seems to say after pregnancy).

I think my favourite thing about all three bras is the support. The straps and bands are very thick and stretchy without being too stretchy. Over all I highly recommend these bras to anyone! I will probably still wear them after nursing!

If you wanna check them out you can at http://www.you-lingerie.com/collections/maternity-nursing-bras

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