Ripping The Runway At Lingerie Fashion Week SS15

model runway shotWe are totally still in a New York state of mind as we are still trying to calm down from the high of Lingerie Fashion Week in New York City. From the prep time to the actual show, we didn’t miss a beat. CEO and founder, Uyo Okebie-Eichelberger made it her best show yet so I’ll give you a little preview into our world of Lingerie Fashion Week. I’ll spill every single deet on how it all started to the very second our high fashion, super duper gorgeous preggo models strutted our fabulous nursing & maternity lingerie down the runway.


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Time was of the essence and boy! Every ticking minute was vital in making sure everything came together effortlessly. It took three solid months to plan and it all paid off! First, the models! Without models, you kinda have no show, duh! Expecting models is our go-to place for models. After reviewing over two dozen photos of beautiful Preggo models, we finally narrowed it down to 14 girls who made the cut.
model 5

Now that we have that out of the way, the little details must all then be pieced together. We had to figure out little details such as: What should the theme be? What sort of music do we want the models and the audience jamming to? What kind of shoe should they wear? Should we go with dark smoky eyes or a much romantic look for their makeup? Do we want body art or just plain body jewelry? Who wears what? Which style comes out when and in what order? Ahhhhhh!!! Too many things to consider with what felt like too little time but we sure got it all done in the nick of time.


Pregnancy has never looked this good! I mean...LITERALLY!!! Do you see these gorgeous models? I mean, come on! Backstage, the models were pumped and filled with energy as they prepped for hair and make-up.

Model 3
model backstage
model backstage 2
Model 2

model 4


LFW 3Uyo Okebie-Eichelberger at Lingerie Fashion Week SS15



So what did we decide to go for you ask? Fierce short bob wigs, hot smoky eyes with hot pink glitter on their necks! Boom! Just like that, everything was coming together bit by bit. With cute preggo models with pregnancy that ranged from 4-8 months prancing around in cute black heels in anticipation for the big show, the music filled the room and it was time for them to strut their stuff! It was all or nothing! Walk hard or go home and certainly time to let the pictures tell the rest of the story. Here we go!
LFW 16
LFW 15
LFW 14
LFW 13
LFW 12
LFW 11
LFW 10
Model 7
model 11
model 12
model 13
model 16
model 18
Uyo Okebie Eichelberger with Pregnant Models


What's next you ask? 2015 will be EPIC! Know why? Because we cannot wait for you mamas to see our new collection coming Spring 2015! We'll have cute colorful nursing pajamas, breath taking maternity sleepwear with fun and beautiful cute maternity and nursing bra collections. You definitely don't want to miss a beat so keep your eyes peeled for the new stuff coming soon! What's your favorite look from our runway show at fashion week? Sound off in the comment box below.
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