This is Why Moms Get Nothing Done

Ever do laundry, clean your home and wonder why it seems like all your effort are really going toward spinning your wheels? Yeah, when you have a toddler in the house, it will surely feel like that because they automatically seem to undo everything you've done. Florida mom and "Story of this life" blogger Esther Anderson, posted this video about "why moms gets nothing done" with her 15-month-old Ellia. Esther made light of her real life story by turning it into a mini video that has since gone viral after posting it on her Facebook page. "I just wanted to show that this is part of life being a mom. Babies tear things up and take them apart; they unravel your life. Something would be wrong if they didn't. You would be a helicopter mom." said Anderson, who documents her life as a first time mommy on her blog. The idea for the video came about after Ellia kept undoing everything she did in the laundry room, so she set up a camera and allowed Ellia to do what she does best. She repeated the process around her house which is all documented in the 1:22 video. We each know a little bit about this right mamas? The more you do house chores with your toddler present, the more you notice nothing is actually getting done, LOL. Yeah, well click play and see for yourself. This video actually made us LOL because it's cute and very close to the truth. Can you relate to this video?

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