Viva Las Vegas – Launching You! Lingerie at the ABC Kids Expo

Viva Las Vegas – Launching You! Lingerie at the ABC Kids Expo

You! Lingerie in Las Vegas

So it's been a really long while since I have written a blog entry. Mainly because during these last few months, I spent countless hours prepping for our launch at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas on 10/10/10. And boy, what a ride it has been!!! The night before leaving for Vegas was SOOOO hectic. My husband, sister and I pulled an all nighter just to make sure everything was in order. But as we headed to the airport, I was too excited to feel tired, go figure. Haha! After a tearful goodbye to my daughter and husband, we rushed to our flight and what I thought would be a restful 5-hr flight was just more time fretting over all the details! Did all of our show displays and mannequins arrive in one piece? Was the UPS guy going to deliver our show sale samples and packaging on time? Did we have all the correct sizes for the fashion show models? Will buyers like us and our products? A million and one questions kept me up most of the plane ride to Vegas! To be honest, from landing in Vegas to our return flight back to Atlanta was a blur. But a REALLY REALLY good blur - I am still pinching myself to make sure it's all REAL. We got such an amazing response at the show from buyers and even other exhibitors, it was truly an honor! We have secured retail distribution at over 15 stores across the US and Europe.


You! Lingerie Booth at ABC Kids Expo 2010

Our FAB booth at the ABC Kids Expo, Las Vegas

You! Lingerie Products on Pregnant Mannequins

Our FAB bras and underwear on the mannequins:)

ABC Kids Expo Model wearing Purple Nursing Bra and Panty Set

You! Lingerie fashion show - model wearing Azalea Orchid

I will share more of my experiences at the show, but one of the biggest highlights was our first wholesale purchase. Erin & Michael Pelias, owners of Zuka Baby in New Orleans, were the first to purchase You! Lingerie. YAY!!! Below is a picture of me with them! If you live near NO or are ever in town, check them out,

Uyo Okebie-Eichelberger at ABC Kids 2010

You! Lingerie's FIRST retailer, Zuka Baby in New Orleans...Whoot Whoot!!!

Pregnant Model Wearing Maternity Bra in Show BoothYou! Lingerie model, Alyssa rocking the fierce preggo pose in Ella Rose!


A special thanks to all those who helped me prepare and do so well at the show. Thanks to my hubs for all his love, support and being Mr. Mom for four whole days. Muaaah!!! A big thanks to my baby sister Ekibo and friends Jenise & Laura for being the BESTEST You! Lingerie Reps EVER. I love you gals and could not have done it without you!!! Additionally, I'd like to give a shout out to our model Alyssa for representing all the fierce preggo mamas, you rocked it! And lastly, hugs and kisses to the many amazing exhibitors/new friends that we made (you know who you are :-)) while at the show! Muaaaahhh :-)

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