What To Wear For Your Maternity Photo Shoot


maternty photo shoot ideas
Photo by Sofia Genato


Magic is what a woman experiences and feels when she's expecting. Most women want to document their ever growing bump every step of the way because she knows she won't stay pregnant forever.

Well, you've got 9 months to show off your gorgeous bump in front of the camera but sometimes, you wonder what is appropriate and what is not when it comes to doing a maternity photo shoot. The type of clothing you choose to wear obviously depends on how far along you are, the theme and how you want the pictures to look.

Without further ado, here are some cool ideas for your maternity photo shoots.

1. Go Naked


Lance Gross for Elle.com
Lance Gross for Elle.com


I think seeing a naked woman with a beautiful baby bump is the most beautiful sight when done tastefully. Now I've seen some that were not well-thought out and it looked, well...let's just say tacky!

2. A Fabulous Flowy Gown


Meg Ritton


Flowy gowns makes everything look and feel like a fairy tale. It's beautiful, it's chic and certainly puts an artsy feel to your shoot.

3. Form Fitting Maxi Dresses


Alisha Southard {Haute Pink Photography}
Alisha Southard {Haute Pink Photography}


Tight fitted maxi dresses look so good on a preggo mama with a full, round bump. This way, you get to showcase your bump and look stunning at the same time.

4. A form Fitted Dress


form fitted dress


Form fitted dresses not only puts a spotlight on your bump, it gives you a classy and edgy look.

5. A Pair of Fab Jeans

jeans and shirt Laura Farris Photography

It may sound odd but you can keep it simple and laid back with a pair of jeans and a cute shirt. This picture above goes on to show you that you don't really need to go over and beyond to take a beautiful maternity photo.

6. A Cute Skirt With A Sweater


skirt maternity


Although a skirt may seem a little too professional for a maternity shoot, you can totally make it look chic and fresh with a cute top and a super cute jacket. Oh...you can't forget to accessorize with jewelry to make everything pop.

7. Playful Dress


playful pregnancy attire


Being playful with your outfit gives your shoot a playful and youthful look. You can never go wrong with wearing something playful to lift up your spirits along with that of the entire shoot. What did you wear for your maternity shoot? Did you keep it elegant and chic or did you go for cute and simple?

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