You! Lingerie at Lingerie Fashion Week

On August 3rd, 2013, we had the opportunity to be the first ever Maternity & Nursing Lingerie brand to walk the runway at Lingerie Fashion Week in NYC. What an AWESOME experience it was!
Several weeks of planning by the You! team went into the preparation for the show. Invitations, model selection, looks, styling, fitting, music selection, travel, and so much more!
Three days before the show, we packed our bags and we were off to New York city from Atlanta. We had two-day fitting sessions with our models from Expecting Models, Inc
and it was nice meeting everyone in person. They were just as excited as we were!
You! Lingerie Fashion Week
You! Lingerie at Lingerie Fashion Week
You! Lingerie at Lingerie Fashion Week
Maternity Lingerie Fashion Week 
You! Lingerie Model Huddle at New York Lingerie Fashion Week

That day finally came and it was time to put on the best show ever. Twelve gorgeous pregnant mamas, all different in age, height, race, and in different stages of pregnancy strutted around backstage. Backstage was airtight with excitement as hair stylists and makeup artists tried their best to give each girl the look that went perfectly with our beautiful products.


Liza Ramirez, founder of Expecting Models, and I gathered the girls together to get pumped for the show, sort of like a HOORAAAHHH moment. There was so much positive energy! We also had pizza for the girls and backstage crew to ensure no one was hungry. We had our first show run-through, then it hit me that this was really happening.

Pregnant model wearing maternity bra and panty in the runway 
You! Lingerie at Lingerie Fashion Week -Azalea Maternity and Nursing Bra
Isis Blue Maternity and Nursing Bra at Lingerie Fashion Week Runway 

Guests, press, and media started to arrive. They say when you are having fun, time speeds up, in a blink of an eye.

Beyonce’s “Who Run The World” shook the room and pumped it with adrenaline!  It was SHOW TIME! There was no turning back.

The mamas were lined up backstage. With producers signaling for each model to come out, each brave mama strutted the runway with their baby bumps in pink-bowed stilettos and they walked gracefully.  The models looked sassy with over the top up-do hair styles with ultra colorful makeup that matched perfectly with our brand essence, the models were just plain FABULOUS.

The show left some bedazzled and left others in a state of shock. “What? Pregnant women can do that?" "Pregnant women in lingerie on the runway?" YES, they can!

The models showed off our fun, flirty, playfully-colored yet functional nursing bras and panties. There were bold and soft colors, laces, stripes, and prints on the runway. We also introduced our maternity and nursing sleepwear line which is set to launch late this year. [Insert EXCITED SQUEAL here]


Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming collections which are sure to make our You! Lingerie mamas jump up with excitement. The show was an absolute success and if we could do it all over again,  we wouldn’t change a single thing! 

 Amelia Maternity and Nursing Bra at Lingerie Fashion Week Runway
Lingerie Fashion Week - You! Maternity and Nursing Lingerie
Sexy You! Maternity and Nursing Bra and Panty at Lingerie Fashion Week Runway 
Pregnant models in maternity and nursing lingerie in Lingerie Fashion Week Catwalk 
You! Lingerie Founder/Creative Director Uyo Eichelberger with her model at Lingerie Fashion Week 
You! Lingerie Founder/Creative Director Uyo Eichelberger with her pregnant models at Lingerie Fashion Week

 As a result, we got some AHH-MAZING press from the show and we couldn't be more pleased!  
You! Lingerie on TV, featured on Omg! Insider and E! News
Ring the alarm. We are beyond ecstatic!
I got interviewed and was featured on Omg! insider on CBS. It was just FANTASTIC! Additionally, E! News aired a portion of the You! Lingerie fashion show from Lingerie Fashion Week in its segment of “A Touch of Crazy” and you have got to admit, it's not everyday that you see heavily pregnant models walk the runway at Lingerie Fashion Week. I mean…beautiful, pregnant mamas on the runway? It’s never been done before so we are indeed reinventing what it means to be pregnant, breastfeeding, and feel beautiful! 
See the videos below and it’s okay to squeal with excitement, too. We won’t judge…we promise! :)
No big deal...It's just the front page of The Huffington Post Imagine our surprise and excitement to have made front-page news on The Huffington Post. Ellie Krupnick, one of show hosts on Huff Post Style gushed about You! Lingerie at Lingerie Fashion Week in NYC.
The video clip and article not only showcased our fabulous maternity lingerie, it started the discussion of how society thinks about the pregnant body and breastfeeding.  I believe it's a HUGE step forward and positive shift to the discussion.
The Daily Mail With a headline like this, “Finally! Sexy Maternity Bras! Pregnant Models Strut Runway Worthy Designs at Lingerie Fashion Week.” ....It’s hard not to grin from ear to ear. I mean…It’s a pretty big deal when you make it on UK’s biggest news outlet “The Daily Mail.” Not only did they dote on us with raving reviews, they cast a spotlight on the You! Lingerie brand as a powerhouse, that will change the way expecting mothers look at lingerie and we couldn’t agree more. Read the whole review and let us know what you think. Lights! Camera! And CNBC
We got also love from You can also catch a glimpse of some of our AMAZING new nursing products set to launch soon here.
Nursing and Maternity lingerie has NEVER looked this good. Lingerie Journal It is indeed a celebration of life and lace! Lingerie Journal couldn’t have said it better. According to Lingerie Journal, we started the event with a bang!
Is there any other way to start an event such as Lingerie Fashion week? Our success at Lingerie Fashion Week has transcended every expectation and we are super grateful for all the AMAZING press and reviews we received.
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