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Each year we amass tens or hundreds of Preggo Leggings in which their condition doesn't meet our high standards for retail. In fact, we carefully examine each pair of leggings shipped for the slightest imperfections and set aside those as "not so perfect".
The Not So Perfect Sale - 50% OFF - FINAL SALE
CONDITION: New - with a few minor issues
If you're like us and have been eyeing our Moto Maternity Preggo Leggings for every day use, then this is the perfect opportunity to stock up on maternity leggings you'll actually wear at a fraction of their original price.
The not so perfect leggings are offered at $30 each, some with only minor stains, practically unnoticeable, and others slightly broken stitches that you can fix yourself easily. In all cases, the leggings are all 100% wearable. All purchases of this product are final.