Best Sex Positions during Pregnancy

Best Sex Positions during Pregnancy

Introduction: The Evolving Sexual Life During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a transformative experience that affects various aspects of a woman's life, including her sexual relationships. While the early stages of pregnancy may bring minimal changes, as the baby bump grows, finding comfortable sexual positions becomes increasingly challenging. Gone are the days when the missionary position was the go-to; the last trimester calls for creativity and adaptability.

A variety of pillows and cushions arranged on a bed, designed to support different sexual positions during pregnancy.

The Top 5 Sexual Positions for Pregnant Women

For all our sexy mamas, we've curated a list of the top 5 sexual positions that are not only comfortable but also enjoyable during pregnancy.

  • Mama on Top

    The most obvious position! Your baby bump will not have to bear any weight, which gives you the freedom to move at your convenience. Zero discomfort guaranteed! Moreover, it’s the position that allocates more fun for pregnant women, since the angle allows deep penetration.

  • Spooning

    Lie side-by-side with your partner, turning your back on him. This position allows you to relax while enjoying a good angle of shallow penetration. Some women no longer favor this position at the end of their pregnancy due to the weight they have accumulated on their abdomen. So try during the first and the second trimesters!

  • Lying on the Side Face-to-Face

    This position will keep your partner’s weight off your uterus, which will be more comfortable as your pregnancy progresses.

  • Doggy Style

    This position will be perfect to get a good angle of penetration. (Tip: When your baby bump gets bigger, add a pillow at the bottom of your belly if you feel uncomfortable.)

  • On the Side of the Bed or Sofa

    Use furniture as accessories! Lie on your back at the end of the bed, your partner should be standing or on his knees. Raise your legs to give him good access. This position frees your baby bump of any extra weight.

A pregnant woman and her partner in a cozy, warmly lit bedroom.

Embracing Creativity in Your Sexual Life

Remember that instead of seeing pregnancy as a hindrance to your sexuality, consider it an opportunity to be more creative in bed (or elsewhere!). Go ahead ladies, do not be afraid to improvise and explore!

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