Best Sex Positions during Pregnancy

Best Sex Positions during Pregnancy

Pregnancy changes many aspects in the life of a woman, including her sexuality. In early pregnancy, the changes are minimal. As the pregnancy progresses (and as your baby bump is growing), the challenge to find comfortable sexual positions increases. The missionary is no longer possible during the last trimester!


Best Sex Positions during Pregnancy

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 Best Sex Positions While Pregnant

For all our sexy mamas, we established our top 5 sexual positions for Valentine’s Day.

Mama on Top: 

The most obvious position! Your baby bump will not have to bear any weight, which gives you the freedom to move at your convenience. Zero discomfort guaranteed! Moreover, it’s the position that allocates more fun for pregnant women, since the angle allows deep penetration.


Lie side-by-side with your partner, turning your back on him. This position allows you to relax while enjoying a good angle of shallow penetration. Some women no longer favor this position at the end of their pregnancy due to the weight they have accumulated on their abdomen. So try during the first and the second trimesters!

Lying on the side face-to-face: 

This position will keep your partner’s weight off your uterus, which will be more comfortable as your pregnancy progresses.


This position will be perfect to get a good angle of penetration. (Tip: When your baby bump gets bigger, add a pillow at the bottom of your belly if you feel uncomfortable.)

On the side of the bed or sofa: 

Use furniture as accessories! Lie on your back at the end of the bed, your partner should be standing or on his knees. Raise your legs to give him good access. This position frees your baby bump of any extra weight.

Remember that instead of seeing pregnancy as a hindrance to your sexuality, consider it an opportunity to be more creative in bed (or elsewhere!). Go ahead ladies, do not be afraid to improvise and explore! 

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