Sex During Pregnancy

Sex During Pregnancy: What are its benefits for you?

Sex during pregnancy. It’s not a comfortable topic to discuss with family and friends; heck, it’s even awkward to discuss with our doctor. Especially with a growing tummy, is it really worth it to try and have sex while we’re pregnant? Is it safe? We’re tired all the time from peeing, can’t we just sleep it off?

Sex During Pregnancy

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Is Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

Before we get down to business and give you the list of benefits of having sex during pregnancy, let us answer these burning questions first. Yes, it’s worth the try and yes, it is safe. Don’t worry, you’re not hurting the baby. Your developing baby is protected by the amniotic fluid in your uterus. It is generally safe to have sexual activity, as long as your doctor isn’t telling you otherwise. Yes, you can choose to sleep if you’re really not in the mood for it or are too tired, but if you’re thinking about or has the urge to do it and has discussed it with your partner, it is absolutely okay to do it. 

Benefits of Sex During Pregnancy


1. Not only does it strengthen your connection to your partner, but it also helps you with your self-esteem.

Ah, we’ve been there, mommas. With all these raging hormones and things to worry about, we can’t help but constantly feel insecure. We feel tired all the time, there are days we hate how we look, how big we’re getting… and we worry that our connection with our partner has changed. We thought that being pregnant means not having sex for 9 months. That’s a long time to be worried about what your relationship is going to be like after you give birth when you think there will be less time for each other.
Real talk: Sex is a real and valid need. Not just your partner, but yours, too. Now that we know that sex during pregnancy is safe, it is also important to acknowledge that it is a need. It can also help you feel more secure and relaxed about yourself and your relationship.


2. It just *might* feel even better than regular sex.

Yup, your hormones are in overdrive, mommas. There are days when you’re not in the mood and days when your sex drive is high. Not to mention all the extra blood flow makes you more sensitive a.k.a possibility of intense orgasms. 


3. It can help labor when you’re ready to go.

Sex increases contractions in your pelvic floor which helps to strengthen the muscles you’ll need during childbirth. That’s right. Sex can be your pelvic workout routine as preparation for the big, delivery day.


4. It helps ease pain and discomfort.

Our bodies release oxytocin during orgasms. It’s the “feel-good” hormone that can increase your tolerance for pain. After sex, you may no longer feel that back pain or crampy leg. Plus, it can help you sleep more soundly at night, too.


5. It improves your bladder control.

One of the usual complaints we have during pregnancy is that we pee all the time. Having regular sex helps contract the muscles and strengthens them, which in turn helps us with the regulation of our urine flow.


6. It helps prevent pre-eclampsia.

For some mothers, when they hit their second trimester, they experience a sudden increase in high blood pressure, characterizing a disorder named pre-eclampsia. While we’re still not sure what really causes pre-eclampsia, researchers believe that the protein found in the sperm helps to regulate the immune system and also lower blood pressure during our pregnancy.

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