10 Steps to Reclaim Your Health Post-Pregnancy

10 Steps to Reclaim Your Health Post-Pregnancy

Whether you're expecting soon, just had a baby, or have been a new mom for
a few months, your New Years resolution likely included a vow to be

The top New Years resolution people made at the beginning of 2017
was to lose weight and eat better. By the end of the month, statistics say
2/3rd would have given up on this resolution.

As a new mom, the temptation to give up is greater than ever. After all, with very little time to even sleep, who has the will to exercise?

Yet, as a mom, or a to-be-mom, your health is more important than ever.

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1. Why bother? Post-natal blues, faster recovery especially in conjunction
with prenatal yoga etc. Besides helping you with your weight loss after
delivery, a brisk walk with the baby in a nearby park or playground is a
great way to meet other moms who are no doubt on the same weight loss
mission as you are. Team up. You need all the support you can get — so get
your partner on board.

2. Set realistic expectations. Took 9 months to get here, will take as
long to lose it. A steady regime of exercise and balanced eating is a
great thing for overall health. it can take a full year to lose baby
weight in a sustained, healthy fashion.

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3. You're unique, so is your exercise plan. what you could do pre baby
isn't necessarily what you can do after. Speak to doctor about exercise
plan beforehand. Also check in later if anything feels off. Find an
activity you enjoy — jogging, yoga, cycling, swimming, walking — and plan
it into your week. he nice thing about swimming is that it is gentle on
the joints and pelvic floor, and is great for strengthening the core and
back muscles.

4. Don't get put down by the myths. Exercise won't affect your breast
milk. Quantity, taste, and supply are completely unaffected by low-to-
moderate impact exercise regimes including walking, yoga, and Pilates. Get
yourself fitted for a good, supportive bra, and remember to stay hydrated
- then go ahead and burn up those calories.

5. Plan ahead - much lesser time now; stock refrigerator and pantry with
healthy stuff; cook for the week. Get a well fitting bra.

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6. Eat well. stock up on fruits, veggies, whole grains, low-fat dairy
products, lean meats, poultry and fish

7. Include the baby! Take for walk or jog, let them watch you do yoga, or,
Dancing provides a light cardiovascular workout that involves all the
major muscle groups and improves balance and coordination. It's also sure
to elevate your mood, no matter how tired and stressed you might be. don't
discount walking as a gentle cardiovascular exercise.

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8. Give yourself outs. Live by the 80/20 rule… where 80% of the time you eat
only real food that is nutrient dense and 20% of the time you can do whatever
you want.

9. Stay positive, treat yourself. Focus on what you've accomplished so far
and the weight you've already lost. If your skinny clothes are still too
skinny, buy a couple of fun things that you'll enjoy wearing, get a new
haircut or try new makeup to perk you up as you slim down. body different
now after all.

10. including a few moments to simply relax post-workout can really help
replenish you. If you are feeling rested and restored, you will have so
much more to offer to those that need you.

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Remember: self-care isn't selfish! A healthy mom is a happy mom, who can
better care for her baby.

Share your progress with us so we can support you on your journey!

Here's to a happy, healthy 2017.

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