Want A Bun In Your Oven? It Takes More Than Just Sex!

Want A Bun In Your Oven? It Takes More Than Just Sex!

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  My niece once told me how she thinks babies are made and I laughed so hard I almost peed in my pants. She says a woman has to eat 100 bananas for the baby to appear.

Okay, that’s funny but we all know exactly how to get a baby in our bellies. Duh! Of course you have to have sex but did you know that it takes more than sex to get your oven ready to bake a baby?   We’ve all heard stories of women trying to conceive and for some, it proves a bit more difficult for them than it is for others.

Obviously, there are many factors that makes it hard for some women to conceive but there are some tips to help speed the process along. Here we go!

How to get pregnant faster

1. Know when you ovulate

Some women don’t know when they ovulate. Ladies, if you want to get pregnant faster, you must learn your ovulation cycle. Get an app if you need to or talk to your doctor, but this is the fastest way to get pregnant. Since you ovulate once each menstrual cycle, you only have a few days window to actually get pregnant. It’s strongly advised to have sex three days before till the day of your ovulation to get busy with your partner.

2. Prep you and your partners body right

An egg has a better shot at fertilizing when they’re healthy but if you treat your body poorly, how do you expect that to happen?  Here are a few tips on how to get you and your partner healthy.

  • Stop drinking and smoking
  • Ladies, start taking your prenatal vitamins
  • Start eating a healthy diet
  • Studies show hot tubs, saunas and extremely hot showers kills sperm so try to avoid them if possible.

3. Some sex positions are better than others

No, it’s not a trick. To get sperm to swim up to the fallopian tube they’ll need a bit of help to push them there. That means you and your partner need to choose sex positions to angle them upward. No need for pictures...just get creative in the bedroom.

4. Give it time

It can get frustrating when you know you’ve been trying and nothing happens. Sometimes, putting too much pressure on yourself and your partner can halt the process. Give it time! Breathe, enjoy having sex with each other and try not make it all about having a baby! Keep the romance alive.

5. Be the right weight

Being underweight and overweight can significantly reduce your chance of getting pregnant so you have to find the right balance. Being overweight can lead to diabetes and high blood pressure. Don’t starve yourself to get to your ideal weight. If you need to figure out where you should be, consult a doctor for advice.

What did you do to help you get pregnant?

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